The London Underground

From living in London and using the underground as my main method of transportation you get to know a few things about it that can make your days a bit easier. Here are some quick points to help make riding the tube a more manageable experience. Oyster Card: A contactless card that you top-up with credit... Continue Reading →

Ireland’s Islands

When visiting Ireland don't spend all your time on the mainland. Ireland has some of the most incredible islands imaginable, its like going back to stone age times. With the Atlantic oceans curvature visible on the horizon, not many places become as dramatic as here.

Living In London

I made the decision to move to London in late 2013. Ireland was slumped in an economic recession since 2008 and showed only vague signs of improving in the future. In my sector, the construction industry, work was almost non-existent, and with low pay. My parents had just immigrated to Canada almost one year before... Continue Reading →

The Paris Metro

A more effieint method of getting around Paris than walking,and a cheaper way than a taxi...the Paris Metro. Paris is divided into five zones, but I could not see any reason why you would want to go any futher than zones 1-2. You can learn from here what tickets to get before you even land... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

"When in Rome do as the Romans do", well that's my excuse for hitting up the coffee shops in Amsterdam. From my experience I was not a huge fan of these so-called ''cafés'', I found them too congested and loud. I didn't get the chilled out vibe that everyone talks about from their experience here. However, there... Continue Reading →

Tips For Havana

Here are the lessons I learned during my stay in Havana: Converting Your Money: In Cuba they have two currencies. One for tourists; the CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso). Then the national currency for locals; the CUP (Cuban Peso). Essentially, during your stay you will be paying a 'tourist' price on any purchase, this means nothing... Continue Reading →

Day Trips From Cancún

If you are planning a visit to Cancún and just want to relax at the resorts, or just party for spring break, well then you are going to waste one of the worlds most amazing destinations. I mean that. There is so much more to do here than people realise. Here are my top 5... Continue Reading →

Cancún On A Budget

Cancún is already a cheap city to visit. Avoiding purchases on the strip is a bonus. Here are my top budget busting tips when you visit this amazing city: Getting From the Airport to Downtown: As soon as you walk out of the airport, you are going to be facing an army of taxi drivers, trying... Continue Reading →

When In Banff

If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to Banff, than you better bring a lot of cash and takes some notes from here. The activities to do here seem to be never-ending. I spent 6 days in Banff and I hardly did justice to the place. If you have not got a... Continue Reading →

Free Things To Do In Vancouver

Most of the sightseeing in Vancouver costs a fortune to put it quiet bluntly. Do not panic! I found some great super saving cheats while I was here. If you search things to do here, chances are the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the first things on your list. While this is a great... Continue Reading →

Day Trips From Las Vegas

​So many people have no interest in ever visiting Las Vegas because of its notorious reputation. They don't realise because its location, you are so close to some of the most iconic national parks and engineering structures in the country. Here are my favourite day tours from Las Vegas; Grand Canyon National Park - Needing... Continue Reading →

Money Saving Tips For Las Vegas

One thing that will catch you out is public transport. I found buses here to be worthless. Taking crazy detours from 'A' to 'B', meaning taxis are essential to use here for getting around. If you have to resolve to taxis make sure to use Uber app as local taxis will break you. Financially and... Continue Reading →

Credit Cards

Credit cards can often be a burden and feel like a never ending debt accumulating in your wallet. However f you use them wisely, you save and even earn bonuses and your piece of plastic! Here are my top tips when choosing a credit card.

Travel Insurance

While insurance coverage should be a vital part of your travel, most people don't get it. Insurance is essential, and here are the most important inclusions your insurance should cover

Travel With No Money

Yes you read that right. Travel is NOT for the elite, you can travel on a shoestring and sometimes even with nothing. Click the link to soothe your curiosity.

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